SunStarr’s Goal Setting: Vision Boards

A very fun activity for anyone and perhaps just a couple hours too!  Time always flies when it is being enjoyed. A vision for every area of your life!  Keep moving… Thank you to Shay Ihm for sharing your vision board!

Student Goal Setting: Be Fearless!

Never fear just keep moving toward your goals…once you know what you want it is up to you to succeed whether you are a student goal setting through to your degree or starting a business goal setting to succeed at your business!

SunStarr’s Goal Setting: Goal Setting Solutions

Everything is energy we are all energy.  Our goals are very much the same way.  It all starts with a thought.  Then we have a feeling and act according to those feelings and all this equals our results. Set the goal and act toward it.  It’s that simple.  Do something everyday to bring you closerContinue reading “SunStarr’s Goal Setting: Goal Setting Solutions”