SunStarr’s Goal Setting: Goal Achieved With Practice

An Example Of A Goal Achieved through months of practice... they can achieve what they set out with a lot of practice, then you can achieve exactly what you set out.The key is to be specific and clear regarding the goals you are aiming to achieve.What goals are you aiming to achieve?


SunStarr’s Goal Setting: “A Goal Without A Plan Is Just A Wish”

SunStarr’s Goal Achieving Now: Get In – Get Social – Get FREE!

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SunStarr’s Goal Setting: Are You Going The Extra Degree To Achieve Your Goals?

The Power of Focus

SunStarr’s Goal Setting: How Are Your Goals Getting Achieved?

At Student Goal Setting, I help students to set and achieve their goals. Please share your goals here and let me know how we can help you to grow your career.

SunStarr’s Goal Setting: Are You Achieving Your Goals?

Remember this past summer, just a few short months ago, you set the goals you wanted to achieve for the new semester. How'd you do? With the semester coming to an end, any goals you did not achieve then roll them into the next semester.  Move those goals that were unachieved to the top of [...]

Are you committed to achieving your goals?

Goal achievements are just as vital as goal setting.  In fact you need to have a blueprint to reach achievements.  Set goals with the end result in mind.

Taking steps toward your goals…

No matter what size your goal is...setting the goal is always step one then taking action steps toward it until you reach it and then set higher and higher bigger and bigger goals to reach them. The only growth happens outside our comfort zones!!!  Ready Set GO! It all starts with the first step...

There Is Something..

ranjith chennadi

    There is something about me that makes me happy
    A world to be, a life to live, and time to be in history

    I wonder all alone dreaming a lonely dream
    From end to end I find nothing but a situation to start from

    I wake up to stand still, I hit the road for a fresh beginning
    All along to find a perfect balance, and close my eyes as a perfect being

    I am lonely, I like the day light, walk through it till night
    Falling asleep I see the night, ignite a light, dream it till it is bright

    There is something about me that makes me happy
    A world to be, a life to live, and time to be in history


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