Kindness is always taken for granted… until it’s no longer there…

Keep being kind…it’s always the right answer 💛💜🧡❣️Kindness is always taken for granted... until it’s no longer there... Keep being’s always the right answer 💛💜🧡❣️

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Life Advice

“Keep your head up

Try and listen to your heart

Be kind always, no matter

We all grow up

And someday well say goodbye

So shine your light while you got one

Make the most of what you’ve got

Don’t waste time being trying to be something you’re not

Fill up your head and fill up you heart and take your shot

Don’t waste time trying to be something you’re not”

Take A Moment

It’s Sunday, even though it feels like one continuous time loop for the awakened. What is time anyway? It is a human construct and really only part …

Take A Moment