Goal Setting: How Do You Achieve Your Social Media Goals In Your Business?

beautiful_ocean_walkOnce you know how much time you will be spending on social media sites, you will need to make sure you are clear on your goals.

What do you want to accomplish with social media?

Are you interested in generating leads, finding colleagues to collaborate with, establishing yourself as an expert in your industry?

Clarify your goals and objectives by using SMART goals, and then plan progress checks once you get started so you can make sure you’re on the right track.

Goal Setting: How Does It Become Goal Achieving?

Goal Achieving Meter

You can turn goal setting into goal achieving.

It all begins with a thought of a goal you want to achieve, then taking consistent action steps on a daily basis is the most important part to achievement of your goal.

Visualize that you have already achieved it and it is yours when you take action!

Tell me, what does your GoalOMeter look like?

Are you Following Your OWN Starr?

SunStarr’s Goal Setting: Are Your Goals Set For The New School Term?


It is officially the end of summer with Labor Day fast approaching.

Are you ready for a new term of student goal setting?

As I recall, these end of summer days are about getting ready to begin a new school year.  It was always a time of nervous excitement.  Nervous about what was ahead, but also excited for the new opportunities and getting ready to achieve new goals for the upcoming term.

Moving your goal setting to goal achieving…

It is vital to know what you want to achieve so that you can work on the actions to

Achieve Goals Now.

Create the way you want your next term to proceed for you.

Visualize exactly what you want to achieve and take the necessary actions toward those goals on a daily basis.

Once you have clarity, you can do anything you set your heart, mind and soul to achieve!

Question:  Are you reaching for the stars in your student goal setting life?

SunStarr’s Goal Setting: How To Avoid Fear, Frustration & Failure

Set Goals BoardSet goals you can achieve.

Update your vision board.

Refresh your affirmations.

Believe you can do it.

Just do it!

It is most important to take consistant actions toward the goals your want to achieve.

QUESTION: Do you plan your action steps daily to reach your goals by a specific date?

SunStarr’s Goal Setting: Goal Achieved With Practice

An Example Of A Goal Achieved through months of practice…

If they can achieve what they set out with a lot of practice, then you can achieve exactly what you set out.

The key is to be specific and clear regarding the goals you are aiming to achieve.

What goals are you aiming to achieve?

SunStarr’s Goal Achieving Now: Get In – Get Social – Get FREE!

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