It was a fun fun morning deviation from my weekly bicycle ride (which will resume next week) to walk 4.5 miles in #panerathon2018 (it is not much different than my daily walks except I was in a herd – baaaa baaaahh 🐑well & it was a good cause too) • just yesterday, I noticed myContinue reading “#Panerathon2018”

I was riding my bicycle…

…with Dad…from Emlenton, Pa when I got to a dark, wet cave….did not bring a headlight…turned around and ended that trail after 13 miles roundtrip. Meanwhile, on the route back, stopped in Franklin & headed to the Franklin Bike Trail (Erie to Pittsburgh Trail)…rode 10 miles…turned around to head back & detoured off toward anotherContinue reading “I was riding my bicycle…”